Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day!

Here is a recap of mine:

Breakfast served at the computer (where i spend my morning coffee time) - eggs, bacon, and toast.

Hugs and wishes from Dad

Kitchen cleaning by Dad

Hair and makeup done by Jenny (15) and Casey (almost 13)

Present from Sara (9) - picture frame and cute homemade card

Rose wrapped in pretty ribbon from my friend Mariah (her dtr stayed the night with Sara)

Hugs and wishes from Henry (family friend, Sara's softball coach) when he picked up his daughter (stayed the night with Jenny and Casey)

An early dinner at Chile's - quite expensive, but really good!

Shopping trip to Target - new dishes and flatware (we have too many kids to buy really expensive stuff), a beanbag and toy organizer for the little one's room (trying to redo it)

Presents from Jenny and Casey: Jenny - a Superwoman notebook, another divided notebook, highlights, colored gel pens, other good pens, and a pretty folder, reese's peanut butter cup (I am always writing stuff down)

Casey - the movie Twilight (love this movie!)

More kitchen cleaning from Dad, house pick up from 3 older girls(i think i appreciate this the most!)

Casey and I watched Twilight together, then all went to bed!


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