Thursday, May 14, 2009

Off to the Doctor we go!

Natasha and I have an appointment with our Diabetes doctor tomorrow. We see Dr. Mary Simon in Fresno, CA. Dr. Mary as everyone affectionately calls her, is straight up wonderful. She is also a Type 1 Diabetic, wears an insulin pump. She was diagnosed at age 27. Her husband is an RN and also works in her office. She is so devoted to her patients. She forwards the office phone lines to her personal cell after hours and we are free to call at anytime. She takes insulin calls from 6-9pm every night. Each Monday we upload Natasha's pump to the Medtronic site, then call Dr. Mary. She emails us the report, we study it, decide what we think we should do then call her the following evening to discuss. Natasha has been pumping for a year now and we still adjust her pump settings at least weekly. Once in the office, she has a playroom set up for the kids with legos, books, a huge dollhouse, play food, stuffed animals, etc. They test her A1C there in the office.

Now about me.....i am a lousy diabetic. When I was pregnant I was a good diabetic. I just wrote down my numbers for the last 2 weeks. It ain't so pretty - though it isn't terrible either. My dear hubby is looking at them right now. Bless his heart, he's so positive.

I'm hopeful I can get a pump as it would make life sooo much easier. I'm thinking we are gonna discuss getting a sensor for Natasha.

Wish us luck! i'll post our A1C results and some education about all these terms tomorrow.

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