Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Payroll Deduction - it's evil....

My employer offers an amazing benefit. It's called "payroll deduction." Basically, we can purchase food, trips, scrubs, work wear, soda, snacks, movie tickets, etc just by swiping or scanning our employee badge at the register. It's very convenient, too convenient. On one hand, it can be a lifesaver if I don't have time to make my lunch. On the other hand, it adds up quickly.
In reviewing my last paycheck, I noticed i had $89 in deductions. I called payroll and got an itemized statement. I did purchase a trip (more on that below), but otherwise it was just food. So..this week i'm trying very hard to get my act together in the morning and make myself a lunch. I'm not a morning person, so wish me luck! So far, so good - but it's only Tuesday.

I usually buy movie tickets to have on hand for birthday gifts, stocking stuffers, and for those times when people are bored and want to see a movie. An added benefit is that you can choose to have the money taken out of one, two, or three paychecks. So, I can purchase a $10 shirt and pay for it over 6 weeks (3 payperiods). I can buy a $1.35 soda and pay for it over 3 payperiods. We can also get tickets to waterparks in Clovis, CA and Fresno, CA.

They offer fairly frequent trips via charter bus to various California sites. June 19-21 Matt and I will be taking one to Las Vegas (hotel included), Total cost: $300 (over 3 payperiods). Sept 20th we will go to a Dodger's game in LA, good seats. Total cost: $198.00 (over 3 payperiods). For this, payroll deduction is a gem. We otherwise wouldn't be able to go. We very rarely get away together (the last time was when I was in the hospital having Arihana).

Overall, we are blessed to have a responsive employer and this is a nice fringe benefit. I liken it to the "debit card movement" - it's so much easier than writing a check, we are sometimes too quick to "swipe".

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