Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Pump changes

Quick call with Dr. Mary tonight. For Natasha we are changing her 9 pm target to a blood sugar of 150 (those nighttime lows scare me, she doesn' t wake up!) and decreasing her carb ratio at 0700 (correction insulin) -we'll see how those changes do....

For me, we increased my basal to 1.2 units/hour and increased my Symlin to 90 mcg. She believes i'm almost on target, but i would like to see my numbers lower.

In case i've never elaborated, we see Dr. Mary Simon in Fresno, CA. She is a Diabetologist, MD, and type 1 diabetic herself. We love her!! She is also the medical director for the diabetes camp we attend every summer at Bearskin Meadow (see my sidebar for the icon). Bearskin Meadow camp saves lives and saves marriages! It's a wonderful experience!

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