Saturday, June 6, 2009

Super Savings Saturday

Joining everyone at Money Saving Mom with this post. I went shopping today, first to Super Target and then to Winco. I had planned 2 other stops but met my budget before I got there (and was running late to my Sara's softball game).

Super Target picture...(had to put things away and rush off to softball).

Total retail: $134 Total after coupons: $86

Best deals:
  • 7 packages Kashi frozen waffles , on sale for $1.79 each - had $1.50 coupon for each= net cost of about $0.30 each
  • Pantene shampoo and conditioner 6.7 oz, in clearance section for $1.75 total - $1 coupon=net cost of $0.75
  • 4 Dry Idea deodorants, on sale for $2.49 each - $2 coupon for each=net cost of $0.49 each
  • Skintimate shave gel, priced at $2.34 - $1 Target coupon - $0.75 = net cost of $0.59
  • 2 Edge shave gel - same deal
  • 4 Kraft BBQ sauce - FREE after coupons
  • 6 mini packages of Crystal Light (by the register) - FREE after coupons

No coupons used, spent $151 on produce, 6 gallons milk @ $1.90 each(we go through 6-8 a week), butter - on sale for $1.98(I only like the real stuff), meat (pork for $1.48/lb), diapers, etc. Winco has a pretty awesome bulk foods section. I got the following there:
  • Rice - $0.60/lb (white Jasmine)
  • Hummus mix - $3.50/lb, but only need 1.5 cups to make a batch.
  • Quick oats - $0.50/lb
  • Chocolate chips - $2ish a pound
  • Butterscotch chips - same
  • Walnuts - $2.80/lb
  • Barley - $0.50/lb i wish Winco would accept printables! but they won't......i am very poor at organizing my insert coupons right now....going to get some help from the kids. The other disadvantage to Winco is that they do not publish or mailed. This makes it difficult to plan my trip, know what is on sale, etc. However, most of the stuff i buy there are not coupon-friendly (produces, staples, etc).

Tomorrow I will post menus!

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