Sunday, July 19, 2009

Once a month shopping - should we try it?

I recently checked out the above book from the library (image from It is about a family with 5 kids that paid off their mortgage in 9 years on an income of around $35,000 a year. They are also authors of the Home Economiser - a subscription newsletter dedicated to helping people live a more frugal lifestyle. They have an interesting website here.

One of the strategies they advocate is to only shop once a month. They also cook and freeze about 18-21 meals a month (once a month cooking). They freeze everything and rotate their fruits and veggies so that the most perishable are used first.

Since I will get 3 paychecks in July, I talked to hubby about trying this....he wasn't too enthusiastic...i think he is just dreading the huge shopping trip. But he is supportive nonetheless...

Today i worked on the meal plan, which is almost put together, then took 9 year old Sara school shopping. I had wanted to go to Costco today as well, but we never made it. was so hot here - 110 degrees!! - that just isn't right!

We use about 6 gallons of milk a week, and we don't have the freezer room to hold all of that so i'll still have to run to the store and pick up milk and some fresh produce (have to have it...). The good news is that those trips could be delegated to the dear hubby. We also use about a loaf of bread every 2 days, so that is a lot of bread. Sometimes i try to make most of it from scratch but often don't have the time.

I have to work Monday and Tuesday - noon to midnight, so Wednesday is the soonest we can go to costco and winco and give this a whirl! stay tuned for a post on the meals i have planned.....

Where i struggle are with snacks - what do people do for snacks? i'm not home during most days, so i can't whip something up - it has to be grabable and ready - any ideas? (i think i have maybe 6 readers now??). I commonly use fresh fruit, cheese sticks, granola bars, pretzels, etc.

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