Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Thrifty find

I've been sick and couped up in the house, I called in sick to work today but just had to get out of the house (also needed to go to the grocery store, my house looked like Mother Hubbard's cupboard!) so I went to the thrift store right around the corner from my house. I scored some good finds - mostly in 50% off clothes for the little ones, but also.....

#1 - 2 skeins of yarn, the fluffy type that cost $4.99 a skein in the fabric/craft store - 0.50 each! I've already started a scarf for one of my girls. Its a very nice, neutral oatmeal color.

#2 - Scooby Doo pajama pants, size L. Our 3 year old think Scooby Doo is the bomb. I've been doing some reading lately about repurposing clothing, so this seemed the ultimate opportunity!
I did a swagbucks search and found Rookie and their article on making toddler pants from adult T shirts (see it here, also a You Tube video). I altered their directions slightly to use both pant legs, and turned out a pretty cute pair of scooby doo capri pj pants for Natasha. I'm working to create a shirt as well, will post pics when i finish.

The pants were so simple, I'm thinking there really isn't any reason to buy PJs for the little ones with all the extra Tshirts we have around here. Only word of caution, though, is that they of course won't be fire retardant as is recommended. I do think about these things, but simply can't afford true pjs for everyone. Also, I think modern laundering methods probably affect their fire resistance?

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