Saturday, October 31, 2009

Friday Freebie

It's a little late to still be called Friday, but to me it is Friday...remember, i keep crazy hours......

I was just swagbucking around the web tonight when I happened upon a site called The Free Site dot com. It has a wealth of freebie info! I chose to look at "family freebies." I found some pretty cool stuff....
  • Garden of Praise - a site authored by a veteran teacher for all your homeschooling needs, FREE of course! While we don't homeschool, i'm always looking for ways to enrich the kids education and keep them occupied in educational ways. This site has everything from soup to nuts! A few examples....biography slideshows with an online test, Children's Bible lessons, music, games/puzzles, art appreciation get my drift? Looks awesome!
  • Card-Making-World: Looks like it is actually a craft site but does have a page linking to FREE printable greeting cards resources - you can customize (the site calls this "ready to play" or not customize ("ready to print").
  • 4 Krafty Kidz - FREE kids crafty printables

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