Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thrifty Thursday

Here is my thrifty Thursday tip - utilize the Grocery Outlet if you have one in your area. They don't accept coupons, but so many of their prices are lower than you can get at Winco, even if you use coupons. Here are some examples of recent deals I have scored:

3 lb bag of Fuji apples - $1.50
Milk - $2/ gallon
Bacon (meat, not fat) $1.79
mini pumpkins $0.25 each
Pringles bold flavor potato chips - $0.77/ bag

Their snack isle often has many deals on granola bars, chips, candy, etc. I also frequently find deals on cheese, butter, hummus, and frozen items. I do watch dates carefully but it is only rarely that i find something that is past it's dates.

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