Friday, November 13, 2009

Christmas Crafts.....searching around the web

I am rapidly losing time so today i did some much-needed research for additional Christmas craft ideas. Here are some that i like:

1. A wreath for our door - this uses foam board, fabric, textured snow paint with styrofoam balls....but i'm thinking I could use card board, modpodge, fabric or paper, and white pom poms....actually looks like a good kid craft!

2. My nephew recently had a baby - look at this SWEET baby's first Christmas album! Again, the instructions are pretty detailed and would involve purchasing some items, but i'm thinking mod-podge, scrapbook paper, stickers, etc. LOVE the little plug - will do ours in blue!

3. Groovy Jingle Owls - these are so cute! i'm thinking i could give them in packages of 6....or 12.....made with Christmas fabric - ADORABLE! Could also throw in some patchwork stars!

4. Check out these cute fabric baskets - great tutorial! would be a sweet gift with Bath & Body works goodies for a teen (or an overworked mom!).....Use this printable Bath & Body works coupon for $10 off $30 - expires 11/22/09.

5. Little ones love crayons! I'm looking at this crayon roll to craft for my littles!

6. Maybe a purse organizer for my mother-in-law? pre-filled with some goodies.....

7. This simple lap-desk might be great for our 9 year old....i would probably spruce it up a bit, but LOVE the idea! Linked via Taffy Talk.

8. Here is a cute simple gift for any Root Beer lovers in your life! Root Deer...... CUTE!

9. This pocket advent calendar is oh-so-clever and cute, but i don't think i'd ever finish because i'd want to make 50 of them!

10. This roll-up kitchen playmat is calling my name! a space-saver and simple toy!

11. A memory game would be great for our 2 and 3 year old.....i'm thinking i could use some leftover counter top samples from Home Depot.

12. Headbands! we go through so many headbands, pony holders, etc

13. For anyone - a tissue holder - mom-in-law, teachers, would go great with the purse organizer above!

14. Love the idea of game quilts - HERE is an example..... i'd love to create a candyland game quilt using little knomes as the play pieces....again, another time-consuming idea!

15. These snap wallets would add a loving, handmade touch to a gift card - and could be re-used as a credit card or ID wallet.

For more of the above, see this post at Freda's Hive - great inspiration!

16. Another new baby gift - we all know how babies often love to play with the tag on a toy more than the toy itself. HERE is a simple, baby tag blanket!

17. A blue jeans bedwarmer would be perfect for my 2 teenagers and nieces!

18. Maybe a new dog bed for the our Dashund, Angel....

19. Lazy Days skirts - simple, comfy, and cute!

20. Basketball season is starting, followed by softball season - lots of bleacher-sitting in our future! Do you know any sports fans? A great gift would be this tutorial for perfectly portable cushions.

21. LOVE this bean bag chair, though i just got rid of a bean bag because we don't have the space.....but these are super cute!

22. Homemade snow globes - who doesn't love a snowglobe? great project for kids to make for friends!

23. Another wreath idea - but i think this could get pretty costly using ribbon, what about using scraps of Christmas- colored fabric? and some ribbon....?

24. Encourage family and friends to "go green" with this fabric tote - could use as a shopping bag

25. Fabric cupcakes - these look simple to make....i'm thinking they would be cute as part of a cupcake-themed gift for a cupcake-loving girl. Combine with a cupcake print Lazy Days skirt (see above), a shirt with cupcake iron-on (just saw these at Joanns), a cake mix with some cute cupcake liners, sprinkles, frosting, and a decorated apron?

26. HERE is a great gift for a science teacher! so clever!

27. A fabric playmat - creative and open-ended toy, could use any theme - beach, playground, mountain, swimming pool, etc.

28. What little girl would not love a twirly skirt?!

29. Organizers!! we love to organize....

30. Fabric rollers -another great teen gift!

More to come later!! time for me to sleep.....


  1. Mom, these ideas are really really cute! I think that I'll use them too :)


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