Saturday, November 21, 2009

Super Savings Saturday - Grocery Outlet and Alice!

Our first shipment from Alice arrived today! Febreze, herbal essence styling gel, razors, feminine products, and wipes for the diaper bag. Total: $ 14.78 (includes 1.22 tax).
We stopped by Grocery Outlet today on the way home from school. (sorry for the poor photo). It is close to our house and generally less busy than Winco. I didn't make a list as you never know what you will find there. They also DO NOT accept coupons.

Total spent: $74.17, total saved: $74.34 ~ 50%

Some especially good deals:

Nestle Tollhouse choc chip with fudge refrigerated cookie dough (made 24) = 1.49
Jello pudding cups: 1.49
Fleishmanns whipped margarine (5.5 oz) = 3/$0.97
Yogurt drinks: 1.49 (6)
18 eggs: 1.99
Maple and brown sugar instant oatmeal = 2.49
Hebrew National kosher franks: 4.99 (a lot)
Taco Bell taco kit (12 shells, mix, salsa) : 1.49
Kraft mac-n-cheese: .79/box
Craisins snack packages: 3/1.00
Biscuit mix: 0.69 each
Thomas bagels: 1.99
Pillsbury cake mix: 0.99
Star Trek cereal: 1.79
Pear chunks: 3/1.00 - will be going back to buy a case
Eddie's whole wheat rotelle pasta: 1.49
3 lbs bananas: 1.99
cucumbers: 4/1.00
3 lbs yellow onions: 0.99
celery: 0.50
Mini carrots: 0.99
Soapworks liquid hand soap: 1.29 (it's a pretty bottle, I have it by the kitchen sink)
3 gallons milk: 2.39 each.

Also picked up a few others - dog food, cat food, etc. This is a fair amount of convenience food, but since i am at work 3 evenings a week, and exhausted 1 evening a week, we use it. It's easier for Matt to prepare, that way he's not tempted to grab something.

We go through about 6-8 gallons of milk a week, but can only put 4 at a time in our fridge. So we'll have to pick up more. also will need some more bread, etc. Probably have about $20 more to spend to get us through the week.

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