Thursday, January 21, 2010

A virus and my computer computer became infected with a virus several days ago and it was basically useless until I figured out how to fix it - last night! My daughter was watching a netflix movie on it when she called me over and asked how to get rid of "all these pop-ups". Also, she said IE was showing her "icky stuff" every few minutes. I closed out the pop-ups as they looked like security alerts, closed IE, etc. Later, I took a look - and - GASP! - IE was opening to picture containing porn sites!
I researched what was happening with the security alerts and pop-ups to find that it is a very smart virus called the "Antivirus Live". It would not let me access my task manager or internet options. I was able to download an anti-malware program, but the virus wouldn't let me run it.

I shut the computer down, told everyone not to touch it, and did my 2 shifts at work.

Last night, I did some more research on my old clunky laptop and was able to find a solution. I booted up the pc in "safe mode" and was able to run the malware program. It found 16 infected files and removed everything. We are back in working order now! Whew! we cannot afford a new computer!

The malware I used is called Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware - it was a free download.

We have Avast Antivirus - another free download - on this pc and our laptop and it has worked well for us. Apparently pc viruses are getting smarter and more sneaky, so it is now recommended you have dual protection.

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