Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Freezer Cooking Day for March

I did a freezer cooking day last month - read about it HERE.  We are LOVING the meals from the freezer.  Our evenings go so much more smooth, we've only eaten out once since I filled the freezer, and I feel like SUCH a good mom!

Money Saving Mom and Fish Mama are hosting a March freezer cooking day and it is my pleasure to link up!

**If you are new to freezer cooking, see Fish Mama's post HERE on freezer cooking basics - she does a GREAT job covering it all!

Here's my tentative plan (updated 3/1):

Corn Dog Muffins x 2 (for lunches)
Bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit cups (for breakfasts)
Breakfast hot pockets (my version,using biscuits or biscuit dough)

5 pounds of taco meat
Package dry ingredients for Homemade Chalupas x 2 (will use taco meat)
2-3 meals worth of grilled chicken (on sale at Savemart right now for $0.99/lb)
2 meals worth of Homemade Pizza dough
Pork Fried Rice x 2, perhaps with some orange chicken?
Curried Chicken Casserole x 2
Carne Asada (will freeze the meat in the marinade) x 2
Lasagna x 2 (my own concoction)

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