Thursday, February 11, 2010

How much does it cost to feed your family?

I've been putting together a list of recipes/ideas in order to do some freezer cooking for the upcoming weeks.  Between basketball, softball, track, and work I figure the more prepared i can be, the better.  Any time I start looking up food-related stuff, I wonder what others spend on groceries.  Don't you?

In my searching, I happened across this chart from the USDA that gives suggestions on how much you should spend on groceries per week to feed your family, broken down by age/sex.  Based on this chart (which is an older one it seems), I should spend about $228 a week to feed our family of 7.  This is on the "Thrifty Plan".  The liberal plan makes me shudder.  Speaking of shuddering, the Thrifty plan makes me shudder too!  We spend about $175 a week - AT THE MOST.  This often includes paying for school lunches, diapers, and household supplies. 

Check it out!  How do you compare?

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