Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Coupon Organization Methods

Photo credit:  www.tipnut.com

Organizing coupons - what's the best method?  

Of course, you have to choose a method that fits your time, personality, amount of coupons, etc. but I decided to take a look at some trusted bloggers for their suggestions.  I've tried a couple different methods personally, but still have a hard time maintaining any system (I am organizationally challenged......).

First, I stumbled across this super-cute system called Stylin Binders.  Read about on a giveaway over at A Thrifty Mom.  They have an etsy shop HERE and a blog HERE.  Basically, this is a binder method in a fabric covering with strategic velcro flaps, so when the whole thing is closed it looks like a purse!  What a clever idea!!  Love this one...... 

HERE is a good explanation of the binder system from Utah Deal Diva.  I've used this method and it is by far my favorite as far as organization and ease of use in the store.  HOWEVER, it was really hard for me to maintain, it requires vigilance and maintenance (and small, limber fingers to stuff the coupons in all the baseball card slots!)

I currently use (I say that loosely) the same method as Money Saving Mom, seen HERE.
This worked well for me for a long time.  I do need to tweak the categories though to more reflect how i file things......This system also requires maintenance (but they all do).  However, it seems to go quicker as the envelopes are easier to stuff.  When you get lots of coupons, it can be difficult to find the one you are looking for - the solution to this is to have detailed categories (in my opinion).  

For a good explanation of the most popular methods, go HERE at tipnut.com.

I like Laura Williams Musings' take on the binder method.  She includes a section for rebates.

Refund Cents has a system available for purchase HERE.

Organizing Junkie's alphabetical method is HERE.

One of my goals this week is to get my coupons organized!!  I'll post photos later and we'll see how it goes!!

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