Friday, March 5, 2010

Homemade Hot Pockets

I'm sure someone else has done this somewhere, but for our house these are considered a "mom creation."  My kids love hot pockets, I love the convenience.....but I don't like paying the price for the convenience.  I'm sure the homemade ones are healthier too....

Here's how I do it:

I start with refrigerated biscuits, like Pillsbury Grands (or the store brand), but regular biscuit dough would work as well.  I flatten the biscuit a bit with my hands.

Then I roll it out on a floured piece of wax paper (I'm ALL about easy clean-up).  I just roll until it looks big enough to put some filling in and fold over...

Plop some filling in - here I used pepperoni, cheese, and a Tbsp of spaghetti sauce.  You can use anything!  Eggs, cheese, and the meat of  your choice makes a great breakfast hot pocket.

Stretch the dough over the top of the filling.  I then use a fork to seal the edges.  If you are good at crimping, you could do that too......i am not a good crimper.

Bake per biscuit instructions.  Make sure any meat you put inside is fully cooked as this baking time will melt the cheese, but would not be sufficient to cook any filling.
You can then freeze them on a cookie sheet, plop in a freezer bag, and reheat in the micro!  I tell my kids to wrap it in a paper towel and start at 1 min.

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