Thursday, March 18, 2010

Whatever Wednesday - My Home Projects

 I have many things around the house I want to get to....I've added an ambitious list to my sidebar.  My little house needs so much help!!  Decorating doesn't come naturally to me, so I put it off....and put it off....and put it off......I like to repurpose stuff, garage sale, etc...buying new just doesn't float my boat, though it's a quick fix. 

I guess I'm a bit of a dreamer, and we are always stretching the i spend lots of time thinking about what i want to do....and not doing it!

Our eldest, the Queen, is 16.  She only has a couple years left here at home before she heads off to college.  I want to get the home spruced up and organized in the next year so that her senior year it is nice and running smoothly so we can spend time together, look at colleges, etc.  Of course, I know there will always be projects...but i have to start somewhere!

So, on Wednesdays, for awhile I'll be posting my room re-do's/ideas/ finds, etc.  Stay tuned!!

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