Monday, April 12, 2010

Our Weekend - Basketballing in Oakhurst, CA

Alas....I didn't get any pictures.  My little camera is just not up to par when it comes to sports.  All the pics look grainy and dark.  I did have it on the "sports" mode too.  I need to start some creative saving for a camera. 

We stayed at Sierra Sky Ranch Resort in Oakhurst, CA.  What a treat!  To be honest, I only found the room because I was calling all the hotels that were offering special pricing for the tournament.  After calling 5 that didn't have any rooms, one of them said "I know a local hotel that is a little farther out of town that does have rooms."  I said "yippee" and called.  $99 a night, 2 queen beds, 9 min from the high school....sounded OK to me!  We arrived late Friday night after driving up a curvy mountain road, pulled in, and I was hooked!  As their website states, it is a 100 year old converted mountain ranch home 10 miles from the southern gate to Yosemite National Forest.  There is a "main house", a "bunkhouse", and "saddlebrook" rooms.  It's on the smallish side, with just 24 rooms in total.  Our room was in the Bunkhouse, just about 20 feet from the main house.  I could go on and on about the comfy lodge atmosphere....with free wireless internet.  The beds were very comfortable, the towels big and soft, real windows that really opened, a veranda overlooking the forest, cable TV that worked perfectly, a small fridge, and plenty of pillows!  They do have a restaurant but we never had a chance to try it, we were in town from 8 a.m. until 9:00 p.m.  Our room did appear slightly more spacious than some of the others, so if you go ask for room 23A. 

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