Sunday, April 18, 2010

What can I do to increase my readership?

Just wondering what I can do to make this a more interesting read?  I'm not a very private person and will share most stuff (within reason of course), what do you all find interesting to read?  PLEASE comment!  I'm losing a little inspiration......

Here are some ideas:

Big family stuff
Our trip out of debt
deals, coupons, etc
parenting teens
kitchen stuff - recipes, freezer cooking
Medical Mom
Toddler issues
Working mom issues

PLEASE let me know what you all find interesting!!


  1. I enjoy your blog and love all the ideas you have listed. I enjoy reading about getting out of debt, recipes, children, advice about teenagers - I going to need; my son is now 12 1/2 years old.

  2. Thanks so much for your comment!

  3. Oh my heck Laura...I find it all fascinating. Now that I have it bookmarked again, I will be reading you all the time. I love how you just put whatever your thinking about at the time up here. Yay, for you! Ok well not whatever, but how you are very diversified in your posts.

  4. The only way to increase readership is to get our and comment on other blogs and comment a lot! Join all the Mr Linkys that fit your blog. If someone is having a carnival join it. Put your name in the Mr linky and the readers will come. The problem is that blog readers are a fickle bunch. You have to comment on their blogs almost daily to get them to become loyal. Oh yes there are a few that will read you no matter what. And once they become loyal they will stay with you. I have readers that have been with me the entire seven years Ive blogged.

    On top of commenting on other blogs you have to keep fresh content on yours. You must post regularly. Once a week posting is not enough. My readership has dropped by over 50% because I am too busy to post and to visit other blogs and comment. Building readership takes vast amounts of time!

  5. Thanks Tammy! good advice.....i too struggle with time.


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