Monday, May 17, 2010

Checking in on Diabetes

Dinosaur Girl and I had an appointment on Friday with Dr. Simon @ Simon Diabetes Center in Fresno.  Have I mentioned that we love Dr. Simon?  She is also a Type 1 Diabetic, wears a pump, and is the camp physician for Bearskin Meadow Camp (which we also LOVE). 

After diagnosis, Dinosaur Girl was initially cared for through Children's Hospital Central California in Madera, CA.  It was a busy, large, impersonal practice and through a friend we learned of Dr. Simon.  So, at the age of 2, we began taking Dinosaur Girl to Dr. Simon.  By age 2 1/2, Dinosaur Girl was on an insulin pump (Medtronic).  7 months later, I was diagnosed and was on a pump within 2 months.  

Simply stated, Dr. Simon gets stuff done.  She is very current in her practice and has many years experience.  She tries stuff on herself FIRST.  

If any of you are familiar with diabetes, you may have heard of a test called a Hemoglobin A1C.  This is a blood test that looks at blood sugar control over a period of about 3 is NOT simply an average.....actually, about 50% of the A1C value can be attributed to glucose control in the past month.  The A1C value is read as a percentage.

The goal per the American Diabetes Association is 7% or less, the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists recommend a value less than 6.5%.  Most non-diabetics have an A1C of less than 6%. is interesting to me that we have been having discussions about our family's priorities and re-examining them.  I knew Dino girl had been running high, but she has also had her share of lows (which all Type 1's have - random, unpredictable lows).  The older girls have been so busy, the little ones just tend to get pulled along and we haven't had proper focus on their diet (though they have been getting plenty of exercise at parks), eating times, or Dinosaur girl's glucose management.  Her management mostly falls to me, as does the bills, the shopping, the house, the job, etc (that is a whole nother post!).

Long story short, her A1C was 9.7%.  HORRIBLE.  WORSE THAN WHEN SHE WAS DIAGNOSED.  Hanging my head in shame, I texted the value to Pigeon Man (who was at his softball team's pizza party).  He responded "I know I need to do better for her."

Well, WE need to do better for her.....and that means slowing the family down enough to safely care for her diabetes.  More to come on this, as I don't want the other kids to feel like their lives are impacted or limited due to Dino's diabetes, however, how can I not?  

Striving to find some balance..........

Meanwhile, we made pump setting changes and wil upload her pump (yes, all electronic, no daily log books - very cool) weekly and call dr simon to go over the reports and make further changes. A1C= 7.3%.....and i'm now wearing a continuous glucose sensor.

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