Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hot Prints! Make a FREE Mother's Day Photo Book - I did!

Ring a bell?  Some of you may remember Hot Prints from it's promotion on Facebook some time ago.....
I knew I wanted to make my mom a photo book for Mother's day, she had recently asked for copies of some old family photos (on our family genealogy blog - Our Adamson Ancestry).  I knew I needed to get it done quick, but was very short on $$.  I happened to remember Hot Prints!  Your first book is FREE (in fact, you get one FREE per month)  and you can use pictures from your computer or from your Facebook account!

I chose to create 2 books - 1 for me and 1 for mom, total cost $6.98 (mom's = FREE, had to pay for mine).  I chose a Mother's Day theme, added photos, and that's it!  I was done!  quick and easy!

Go HERE to sign up and create yours!

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