Wednesday, June 2, 2010

E-Mealz - Menu Plan Monday (a day late)

Meal planning has been frustrating for me as of late.  For some reason, I'm just major lacking in energy.  I find it especially difficult on the nights I'm at work.  Daddy always manages to prepare them a very decent meal, I just tend to be a "planner" and it bothers me when I don't have a plan in place.  E-mealz is a website that has done all the hard work for menu planning.  You can choose a specific store that you like to shop at (options are Walmart, Publix, Ralph's, Kroger, Aldi), or "any store".  The plans include a shopping list, which is nicely organized.  We've only used a few recipes so far, but we have found them to be simple, quick, and liked by the family.  The cost is $5 a month, we chose the "any store" option.  The meals feed 4-6 people, I adjust up just a little on well-liked items.  They have sample menus available on their site. 

My hope is that this will at least cover the nights I work......and maybe a few more...until I get my energy back and figure out what is going on with myself.  The meal plan also worked within our budget, an added bonus.  I just took the shopping list and crossed off the items I have in my stockpile, then shopped for the rest at Walmart and Winco.  Very easy!  See how it works HERE.

**Note:  I was not asked to do a review for E-Mealz - this is simply me blogging about how i'm planning meals for my family.  I have had a positive experience with E-Mealz and am simply stating my opinion. 

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