Saturday, June 12, 2010

Preschool Corner - June 11

Well.....Preschool took place a few days this week.  I had to work Tuesday and Wednesday nights, so nothing on those days.  Here's a few pics....

Animal Fur Match file folder game from Homeschool Share (seen on Confessions of a Homeschooler).  This was easy for her, but she loves animals and enjoyed it.

I made her a Dinosaur lacing card and used a new shoe lace.....she had fun with this, she'd never done one.

I printed the pattern card printables from Confessions of a Homeschooler and combined them with some pattern blocks I got for $0.99 off ebay - she and Monkey Girl completed these easily.

Cutting practice!  There is a great article on cutting skills over at ABC & 123.  I learned a lot from this post - so I now have strips of interesting paper for her to cut and am not being so picky about how she holds the scissors.  She cut all the strips I had for her into tiny pieces - I loved the concentrated look on her face (which you can't see due to my poor picture taking skills!)

We've also been working on counting - here she is doing a number puzzle I picked up for $0.25.

We worked on learning to sew......this is just shelf liner, a plastic yarn needle, and yarn!  My older girls learned to sew using burlap, a yarn needle, and yarn.

I'm also working to familiarize her with her name...figuring we'd start with her first name, then move on to our last name when she masters it.  I also want to work with her on learning our address.  I plan to begin each of our times together by reciting her name and address...hoping the repetition will sink in!  Here she is doing letter stamps of her name:
We also used the Dinosaur Train "My Name" template from 1plus1plus1.  I laminated them with my NEW laminator (LOVE it!) - However, she wasn't too interested in doing this, it was a bit of a struggle.

Speaking of struggles, we have had more than a few this week.  She will do an activity for a few minutes, then states "I'm done" and refuse to do any more.  Is this normal for beginners?  How do you all handle this? do you discipline?  I very much want her to enjoy this time, I look forward to it!  Any advice is appreciated......

Last but not went shopping!  See my new goodies:


  1. Great start! I'm jealous that you have your own laminator! I was a teacher before my sons were born, and I spent a lot of time with the laminator! lol

  2. Can't help you with the struggles you had, but I wanted to tell you what I've been doing with our address. I made up a little song... really it's just our address in a sing songy way. My son wasn't keen on practicing or learning it, and he was really struggling with the numbers. So one night around a our backyard fire, I just started singing "689 .... Drive, We live on .... Drive, 689 .... Drive, City, Pennsylvania". I did the city in a funny way and really drew out the Pennsylvania. He liked it and wanted me to sing it again and again. Soon he was singing parts with me, then most of it. We haven't done it in a while, but it's way easier to get him to do it and to remember it. Once the song seems to stick, I teach him how to answer the questions he could be asked if ever he's lost, like "where do you live?" or "what's your address" or "do you know your address?", etc. Then if he doesn't answer with his address I start in with the song... "689 .... Drive......".

    I hope this helps!

  3. Making it into a song is a great idea! I'll get the older kids composing - thanks!


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