Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Where Have I Been?

Well....that is a good question!  The last couple years have been busy and personally challenging.  I'm not ready to write about them all yet, but I am ready to get started again!

On November 15, 2013, I had a gastric bypass.  I have now lost just over 50 pounds and am feeling so much better!  I am finding that as my energy increases, I am able to resurrect some of my previous interests.  I had over a year of health challenges which really affected my energy and general life engagement.  I was just surviving, not thriving.

Upcoming topics include crafts, sewing, Valentine's, financial aid (The Singer is a high school senior, and The Queen is beginning community college with the hope of transferring to a university), cooking/baking/recipes, linkies, diabetes management & struggles, pics of my family, home management, decorating, sports, etc.  You name it - I like to write about it!

I do not consider myself really an expert on anything, except some areas of nursing.  I do consider myself proficient with Type 1 Diabetes and home management.  We are raising 5 daughters but I find I learn so much more when each one passes through an age, I don't think I will ever consider myself an expert. 

Welcome to my world!

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