Monday, June 1, 2009

A Homemaker's Day Book

I saw this on another site - a homemaker's journey blog - and thought it might be fun to write out.
I've got homemaking on my mind tonight, i'm even baking bread! (though we are truly out of bread).

Outside my window: it's nearly dark. I can see our pretty blue pool, the neighbor's fence and shed.

I am thankful for: God's love, my children, my husband, my home, my job, my health. I am thankful for insulin pumps, pediatric ICUs (they saved Natasha's life), softball, basketball, and coaches. On most days i am thankful for chocolate.

From the kitchen:
Dinner was grilled Tilapia, grilled summer squash (from our garden), rice-a-roni, green salad (lettuce and cucumber from our garden). Now i am letting whole wheat bread raise on the stove.

I am reading: just finished the Da Vinci Code. good book. not sure what i'll read next, maybe the Host by Stephanie Meyer. Will read Love and Logic (about teens) as soon as its available through the library.

I am hearing: the TV - the Dodgers are playing Arizona. The window air conditioner, my daughter talking.

I am creating: multiple sewing projects underway. who knows when i will finish.

I am going: to fall asleep, seriously....soon..let's hope i get the bread done first.

I am hoping: i can be a stay home mom someday.

Around the house: there are 5 kids....5 girls! At dinner tonight we discussed the housework plan for the summer. Mom will not be coming home from work and doing housework. We have assigned jurisdictions (mom and dad have ours too) and the kids have been told that if their areas are not complete by the time i get home from work, they will not go to practice. This includes a rotation of planning menus, learning to shop with me using coupons, and assisting with dinner prep.

One of my favorite things: my computer

A few plans for the rest of the week: work, work, work...possibly switch bedrooms, grocery shop.

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