Monday, June 1, 2009

I have my pump!

My very own insulin pump arrived on Friday. Medtronic gave me some financial assistance so out of the $7000 cost, we will pay $660 divided into monthly payments of $25. Not too bad. When Natasha got her pump, i had different insurance and they paid 100%.

My setting are: basal of 1 unit per hour, carb ratio of 1 unit/10 grams carbs, sensitivity of 33.j
What does all that mean?
  • Basal: Rate of insulin that is continuously infused (24 hrs a day). So I get 1 unit per hour for a total of 24 units/day.
  • Carb Ratio: how much insulin to take based on the amount of carbs i've eaten. In this case, for every 10 grams of carbs the pump will give me 1 unit.
  • Sensitivity: how much 1 unit of insulin will drop my blood sugar.

I call Dr. Mary tonight after I upload my pump and Natasha's pump. I'm sure we'll make some modifications to both hers and mine, so i'll post tomorrow or tonight what we are changing. All in all though, I've noticed better control just since Friday and It is soooo much more convenient. For all the pump resisters out there - this is the life! no joke! sooo much easier and so much flexibility.

An Insulin pump - if you don't have one, get one! (only if you have diabetes, LOL)

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