Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Crafty freebie!

Thanks to Crystal @ Money Saving Mom for passing along this deal!

Visit you through this link: and sign up to receive their newsletter to receive 8 free crafty ebooks and a free online video. Once you sign up, they email you a link to get your freebies.

A great suggestion is to set up a free email account that you use exclusively for online offers - gmail, yahoo, and hotmail all have this option. I use gmail and have been happy.

The video is how to make initial tees for your kids.

The ebooks are:
1. Make a bucket hat for your (18 inch) doll
2. Appliqued tea towels (sounds like a great homemade gift!)
3. How to applique the easy way
4. True friend stitchery (looks like a cute little pillow)
5. 3 digi-frames
6. Reversible headbands
7. The debut purse
8. Little lady applique patterns

Upon initial review, this looks like an interesting site!!

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