Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My abscence

I've been away awhile. Lots of reasons, really. We returned from vacation, then had about a week to get the kids ready to go back to school. We started school on August 13th here. Our financial situation this year has been a bit dismal and I was basically unable to get the kids much for school clothes and shoes. Luckily, the older girls can wear flip flops to school here. I know they aren't good for their feet, but.....they are cheap at Old Navy! (2/$5).

I've had my mind in lots of thought lately. I changed jobs in July. I was working in the Information Systems Services Dept of my hospital. I was part of a group of Registered Nurse's that build and maintain the clinical documentation systems for the hospital. It was a salaried, 40 hrs a week position, M - F. It was very sedentary and ultimately i decided it was not good for my diabetes. I also have a strong desire to be at home more. To be honest, I really want to work part time, if at all. It has been a point of contention between my DH and I. He hardly works anymore - his sales job has basically tried up related to the economy and Dairy industry. He isn't against working full time to support us, but I make a good living (RN's are truly blessed with a good income in my area) and he cannot match that. So, given our current situation with bills, etc, i would still have to work part time to carry the health insurance and get us through. Having a parent at home is so good for the kids and that would mean two parents working. So, long story short - I now work in the Emergency Dept. Back to a BUSY 3, 12 hr shifts a week. Much better for my health and my diabetes. But i've had some fatigue as i get used to shift work again and my body gets used to being on my feet for 12 hours. As a career, I feel more satisfied because I can make a difference for patients in a tangible way. Unfortunately, it also meant a pay decrease of $2 an hour + the decrease from 40 hrs a week to 36 hrs a week. However, I am home more!

So, we are chronically broke, I changed jobs to be more fulfilled and improve my health but made us more broke, and really don't want to work anyway. I couldn't purchase the new stuff i usually do for the kids....but that might not be a bad thing. They do need shoes though. I have to figure that out. We are also behind on some bills, so trying to get those caught up....

I'm also quite worried about our schools here in California. I feel ok about this year so far as our local district has good budget planners and they have stated we shouldn't feel a lot of cuts this year...but next year will be bad. i've often thought about homeschooling, did it for awhile even when my oldest was in 2nd grade. However, how can i do that and work? my husband is not into it. Our values around education are fundamentally different, i think.

Also, my mom has inoperable lung cancer. Just found that out this month. She will undergo a radio frequency ablation this Friday in Oregon. My brother will take her and he's being so good to her. For that i'm truly thankful. I don't have the time or money to go up there at this point.

Also, i'm not sure what to do with this blog.....i started it to give me an opportunity to write and an outlet for myself. However, i really want readership. If it could generate income, that would be even better. I still am having trouble finding my niche in the blogging world - there really isn't anything that i'm expert i focus on diabetes? nursing? injury prevention? education? homeschooling? crafting? budgeting (which i 'm obviously not good at)? couponing? deal-seeking? living as a large family? i'm just not interests change regularly....right now i'm feeling crafty. it helps me deal with my personal stress.

Any advice?


  1. Hi. So sorry to hear things are tough. Your last couple of sentences really resonated with me. Being creative is a fantastic stress release. I love to write and illustrate storybooks for my little ones- always makes me happy! Anyway, an idea for you.

  2. Thanks Nina for reading and commenting!


Thanks for reading and commenting!

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