Saturday, September 5, 2009

Large Family Living

Today we went to The Island Waterpark in Fresno. Just about an hour north of where we live. We've been meaning to go all summer long but between work schedules, Matt's school, and softball tournaments, there hasn't been an available day. So, today was the day! Each of our older girls took a friend - that means we took 8 kids with us - had to drive 2 cars to fit everyone. Suprisingly, I didn't feel like we had 8 kids with us. When we got there, we rented a cabana so everyone knew where homebase was, quickly went over the ground rules about checking in with us (every 2 rides for the 9 year olds, periodically for the older girls) and everyone vanished! Daddy and I were left with the 3 and 2 year olds to play in the kiddie area. Natasha had a great time on the slides, floating around the "lazy river", and playing with one of the lifeguards. Arihana wasn't as sold on the fun and spent lots of time clinging to my leg.

It took forever for us to order our lunch - this is the only part of the day where i felt like we had 8 kids with us. Luckily, Matt was able to keep everyone's order straight. Next time, we will take food. Their website said we could not bring food, so we didn't, but we noticed that everyone there had food! I must've misread??

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