Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Homemade Christmas

Well...i'm a little nervous about this, but i've wanted to have a homemade Christmas for some time. I'm not sure my DH is on board, but he is at least keeping quiet. I'd like to get the kids one nice gift, then have everything else be hand crafted - by me, or not. Our Christmas' the last few years have been too material, too big, and haven't left me with a good feeling about any values we are instilling in our children. I'm including the nieces and nephews in this endeavor and already have plans to make stuff for my nieces bedroom. They currently have a "Cars" sheet for one curtain and an old Tinkerbell curtain on the other window. I have found out their favorite colors, now i need to visit the fabric store. The oldest girl is 12 and the younger is 10.

I've been doing lots of web searches on home made gifts and have found some good ideas for my mother-in-law. Still working on the father-in-law. Also, wondering about the nephews - any ideas? They are 5 and 7.

If anyone has ideas for teen gifts - I'd love to hear them!

A current project i'm working on is for 2 year old Arihana is a Waldorf style baby doll. I purchased a kit from Dancing Rain Dolls. The materials are lovely - real wool stuffing, etc. I'm nearly done with my first little doll - i'll soon post pictures.

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  1. I made flannel jammie pants for all of the people on my list last year. They were a big hit. You can get flannel very cheap and they are fast and easy to make. I have done the handmade Christmas for the last 3 years and it is so fun. I think I am going to make fleece slippers for everyone this year. Just got a pattern and looks very easy and fast. Good luck Laura.


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