Thursday, October 15, 2009

Diabetes: It's nothing to ignore

Well, at work, on a daily basis, i am exposed to diabetics with health issues (hence their trip to the hospital). I am finding myself frustrated not only with the lack of knowledge/concern/self-management that i see from patients but also from the medical community. A lot of physicians in the community are treating Diabetes in their patients, but not really MANAGING it.

I have seen a 45 year old who is COMPLETELY BLIND due to his 20 years as a Type 2 diabetic.

I have seen a 14 year old, super skinny, diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic without any idea how to manage her diet, no knowledge of her blood sugar values, in fact - doesn't even check her blood sugar every day! I asked her mom if they had done antibody testing - she had no idea.

I have seen a 20-something man, diagnosed as a Type 2, who had not checked his blood sugar in over a month. Had no concern over it what-so-ever! when i checked it, it was 370. He was not at all surprised....


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