Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Unplugged - Day #4

Well....we did it....no more Direct TV.....

Surprisingly, we have had very few complaints from the kids. Sarah (9) asks for ideas every now and then, but actually seems calmer and is DEFINITELY doing more reading....though it still isn't her favorite activity. She had a friend stay over the weekend, they played out side, played a board game, and did watch a movie. In fact, there has been a fair amount of movie watching going on but i'm ok with that - we are progressing from a TV dependent household to TV free....and at least they aren't seeing all the commercials!

Jenny, the eldest, briefly chastised me tonight for taking away the TV when I made her get off the computer.....but she got over it. I later asked her if she really felt "that deprived" and she admitted that she did not. It's just an adjustment, and this is the kid that doesn't like change.

Casey, 13, stated that she thinks it is good for all of us! She has been quite busy though....stayed with a friend over the weekend, had softball tonight....however, she is my optimistic child and takes just about everything in stride.

Daddy - my dear, football/baseball/basketball - addicted hubby - is being a good sport but i think he truly misses it. He did join MLB.com's "watch games on the pc" deal so he watched a baseball game the other night (just $9.95 for the post-season).

As for me, I've never been a TV watcher but do want to work on getting some local channels. Ever since i changed jobs, i've been working at getting the house simplified - cleaning out clutter, re-organizing, basically making the house easier to maintain. We had a garage sale last weekend which got rid of a lot, but there were rooms i hadn't touched yet. So, over the weekend, we completed the laundry room (what a mess)....cupboards are organized now, and it's cleaned up. Still has indoor/outdoor carpet that we want to replace with tile - will have to be a future project. We also each cleaned out our closet in our bedroom....much needed. progress! i'm impatient to finish, but do admit i'm still moving forward and have to be happy with that. Today i baked 4 loaves of banana bread and a double batch of chocolate chip cookies.

The little girls are adjusting well to the lack of TV....running, playing, coloring. Luckily, the weather has been so mild (good riddance 100 degree days) they have been able to play outside for a little while each day. Today i gave them each a paintbrush and cup of water and they "painted" the sidewalk. Kept them occupied for about an hour!

I also bought mini-pumpkins today at the Grocery Outlet. They were 2/$1. Next evening i'm not working, each kid will paint a pumpkin. I've been looking at lots of craft ideas to have "an arsenal" when kids need something to do, but my craft stash is seriously lacking of kid supplies and i don't have the money to replenish it. I guess i'll be forced to go garage-saling!

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