Saturday, October 24, 2009

It pays to ask the question!

As I have posted before about our recent money struggles, here is another "installment" if you will. Yesterday I called the phone company to review our plan and see if there was any way we could keep the service we need (free long distance - my family in Oregon, his in Southern Cal), and our DSL service (i am just a TAD attached to my internet) and still get the best possible deal to allow us to improve our financial situation. Well...I asked the question...... "Is there anyway you can help us with this bill? discounts, promotions.....ANYTHING...even if just for a few months?"
My customer service agent replied cheerfully that he would be happy to offer us 50% off of our internet for the next 6 months!! So, $35 becomes $17.50~

We pay $35 for phone + $17.50 internet = $52.50/month. Sounds a whole lot better than $70!

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