Sunday, October 25, 2009

Saving money even when you don't have the coupons with you....

I was in need of some monthly supplies.....urgently.....this morning on my way home from work. I worked from 3pm yesterday to 4a.m. this morning and plan on sleeping until I had to go on my way home. A 24 hour Walgreens is not too out of the way, so stopped by. I did not have my coupons with me (gasp!) but I still managed to work a deal.....

Per Money Saving Mom's post here, I knew that the Infusion lotion gave Register Rewards (RR)of $7. So I did 2 transactions - the first was the lotion, then applied the $7 RR to my supply purchase! So, while I could've done better doing the same deal with coupons, I still did a deal!

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