Saturday, February 13, 2010

Let the freezer cooking begin!!


I know this is difficult to see - more to follow!
Since our family is so busy, as we always are in Spring time, with my DH coaching 3 different sports teams, me working full-time, DD #1 playing travel BBall and track, DD #2 playing travel BBall and softball, and DD #3 playing travel BBall and softball (not to mention having a 4 year old with Diabetes AND a 2 year old!), I decided the only way we will eat healthy, eat at home and stay on budget is to cook some freezer meals.  I have it all planned out, and have to admit i'm being a tad over zealous.  If i can accomplish everything, I will have more than 30 meals in the freezer!  woo hoo!!

I will post what i'm making the recipe links tomorrow and plan to blog throughout the day - sure wish i had more followers!  Will you all follow my blog?

Anyway, here is what I've done tonight:

Cooking some yams to mash with a can of crushed pineapple and freeze!

Making some applesauce in the crockpot overnight
I used granny smith apples, brown sugar, cinnamon, and 1/4 cup water, set on low.

3 Chuck roasts (purchased at Savemart for $1.88/lb) in the crockpot overnight with garlic, seasonings, and pickle juice - yes, pickle juice......portughese secret I guess (my hubby did it).
Will shred this in the morning and use for all sorts of shredded beef type stuff!

Bought lots of snacks in the bulk food section at Winco.  Here are some that are pre-packaged and ready to head out the door in duffle bag or diaper bag!  These will be in addition to any homemade snacks I make.....I have plans, but we'll see if i get it done!

The Underdog (10) helped me by counting Valentine's candy corn and labeling with the grams of carbohydrate on each baggie.  We always have to have a source of quick carbohydrate with us for the random low blood sugars Pony Girl often experiences.  We like to use fruit treats as well.  We do try to give her occasional sweets even when she is not low, so that she does not develop a bad habit of thinking she has to be low to get a treat.  I think this will be good as she gets older!

Here's our 26 cubic foot fridge stocked to the gills, ready for tomorrow!

The morning message for the girls - written on the wipeboard, right where they will see it when they get up in the morning and come down the hall!
I also used a coupon and bought some Pillsbury refrigerated sweet rolls for a quick treat in the morning.....


  1. I am new to your website. I can't wait to see how you do all of this cooking in one day.

  2. I hope you both followed my day....and you can see that my get up and go got up and went!! Ha ha, lots learned anyways!

    thanks for commenting - it's very exciting to a new blogger!



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