Saturday, February 13, 2010

Super Savings Saturday - Walgreens

I recently posted about an upcoming CVS deal on the John Frieda Root Awakening products.  I then discovered that Walgreens was having an awesome deal too! (ends Saturnday night).  
Here's how I did the deal:  (I began with a $10 Register Reward from last week)

1st Transaction:  2 john frieda shampoos, 1 conditioner, 2 packages kotex pads
Used the $5 off of 2 (looks like there aren't more of these available), $2 off of 1 coupons for the john frieda + $2 off of 2 for kotex
Applied the $10 RR
Net cost:  $2 + $1.89 sales tax = $3.89
EARNED:  $3 RR for kotex + $5 RR for John Frieda
2nd Transaction:  john frieda shampoo + 2 conditioners
Used the john frieda coupons as above to subtract $7.00
Applied the $3 RR from above
Net cost:  $5 + $1.35 in sales tax

3rd Transaction:  2 boxes of kotex tampons, 1 multipack of orbit gum, a $0.99 eyeliner as a filler item
Used this $1.50 off coupon for the kotex
This $1 off coupon for the Orbit gum
Applied the $5 RR from transaction #1
Net cost:  $0.99 + $0.63 sales tax = $1.62
EARNED:  $3 RR for kotex

Totals:  OOP = $11.86 for nearly $50 worth of products (or under $1 per item)
PLUS, I still have $8 in RR to use next week!!

**Edited to add a note:  Save your receipts! Sign up HERE for the Kotex "panty challenge".  If you aren't satisfied with their product, submit for a $4 rebate. 

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