Saturday, February 13, 2010

Whew...I'm calling it a day!

I had to stop around 4:00 pm.  The girls had basketall practice from 6-8pm, across town.  So I cleaned up the kitchen, ran the dishwasher, and heated up dinner (homemade chili and pizza hotpockets).  We got home from practice at 8:20, got the little ones to bed, and now I'm putting a few things together.  Will finish tomorrow.  Although this was an ambitious plan, it would have been totally doable if DH had been home so I would have had more help with the little ones.  My older girls picked up the house and took them to the park, but my kitchen is so small they really couldn't have helped how I would have liked.  Also, i heard several "I'm tired" complaints.....(i think i could tell them a thing or two about being tired, but we'll leave it at that!).

 Meals made:

1.  Shredded pork for pulled pork sandwiches x 2
2.  Taco meat (not as much as I wanted to do, the cat got into what i had thawing on the counter)
 3.  Macaroni and cheese with ham (my own recipe)
7.  Wild Rice
8.  Frozen yams
9.  Shredded beef and gravy
10.  BBQ shredded beef for sandwiches (used same as for pulled pork)
 11. Pizza hotpockets (but they are almost gone already!) My own creation.
12.  Western Beans (from Betty Crocker cookbook) - great with cornbread!

Yet to make:

1.  Chicken enchilada casserole x 2
2.  Chicken enchiladas
3.  Chicken pot pie x 2
4.  Baked black beans
5.  Meatloaf
6.  Meat balls
7.  Pizza crust

Have a great Sunday!

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