Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Book Review - "She's Gonna Blow!!" by Julie Ann Barnhill


Tonight, I volunteered at the JBF sale.  Had lots of fun talking with other moms, "inspecting" their sale items (and setting a few aside to purchase!), and volunteering my time to help with the sale.  As the sale wound down and closed for the evening, I wandered around to look for any last minute treasures.  I found myself in front of the books (not a surprise if you know me).  This book - "She's Gonna Blow" by Julie Ann Barnhill - caught my eye.  The subtitle is "Real help for moms dealing with anger."  Am I an angry mom?  Hhmmm.....had to think about that one for a minute.  I don't feel angry, but I am "on the edge" a lot, and I raise my voice too much.  Maybe I am angry......who knows, but what I do know is that being a MOM is a tough job (now, I'm not saying being a Dad is a cake walk, but that's another topic).  Many of us have an idea of what kind of mom we should be, and I think many of us fall short of that image in our own minds.  Soooo......I bought this book, and I'm going to read it.  To keep me accountable, my goal is to review at least 2 chapters a week here on Mom Over the Edge (is there anger in that title?)

Let's start tonight with the book info and the foreword.  The book is copyright 2001/2005.  It has 16 chapters and 331 pages.  I paid $4 for my copy at the JBF sale.  To buy the book from, go HERE.  Also check out and Paperback swap. 

The title of the foreword is "You Have Never Been Alone."  It tells of the authors first "She's Gonna Blow" workshop as part of the Hearts at Home conference that year and the overwhelming attendance she received - after praying diligently that God would draw those women that needed the message to her workshop and that "at least 12" would sign up.  

She describes the mom that's "Gonna Blow" as:  "...existing on four hours of sleep a night, trying to handle a high-spirited, strong-willed child in the midst of Toys R Us.  She's  a single mom.  Or a night-shift mom.  Or a mother with tween-agers.  Or a step-mother.  Or a mother with five children at home and one on the way."  Sounds just like you and me, eh?  In fact, she goes on to make the point that "She's already blown it!" in many instances.  

The ministry of the book is acceptance, love, growth as a mother, and self-control - with God's grace, of course!   We are not alone ! motherhood has many joys, but also has many frustrating realities.  Most of us, have allowed our anger to get the best of us at times.  

I can't wait to read more!!

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