Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fundraising for Basketball - Thursday review

I have to be honest, I'm not a fan of fundraising.  I don't like asking people to buy overpriced products to benefit my kids....i'm just not a salesperson.  However, for us, fundraising is necessary.  As I've mentioned before, our kids stay quite busy with their sports.  The most expensive being their club basketball team, Lady Hoopsters.  With 3 kids on 3 different teams, the cost of gym time, tournaments, and the traveling required seem undoable.  The tournaments include a trip to Reno and Las Vegas as well as more local tournaments (within a 3 hour drive).  Each tournament costs $30-$40 per kid and gym time is $48 per month.  These costs vary some based on the tournament and how many times a week they practice.  Currently, they practice outside once a week as well at a local elementary school, which is free.  However, we are in California and by May it will be too warm to practice outside.

So, with my frugal nature - why do we do this?  In all honesty, we can't afford it.  There is limited money available in our regular budget.  So, it has to come from other sources.  Back to the question of why.......we strongly believe in keeping our kids busy.  The choice of activities is theirs - sports, art, music, etc.  The Queen LOVES basketball, and does track.  The Athlete loves to sing (choir), plays basketball, and LOVES softball.  The Underdog plays basketball (currently on an Allstars team and the club team) and softball.  Pony Girl and the Baby are avid fans - well, ok....they just like playing in the dirt and climbing on bleachers!

The other advantage to a club team is the potential college exposure.  Club teams (or "travel ball") are more watched than high school teams by college scouts.  The tournament in Reno is one such example.  We don't have college money set aside, so any scholarship, grant, etc the girls can get - academic or sports-related - will be greatly needed. 

So, where am I going with all of this?

We currently have 2 avenues of fundraising:  team-mandated (currently selling Avon) - this will benefit the teams at this point, paying for basketballs, uniforms, and other equipment.
Secondly, a brilliant idea by my husband - selling concessions at home softball games.  He coaches softball for one of the local middle schools.  Their PTC (parent-teacher club) was not interested in selling, so the Athletic Director opened it up to us.  We'll give a cut to the school's fund just for giving us the opportunity.  We have sold at 2 games so far.  We had some initial start up costs, so right now we are siting at about $100 net profit.

This month's costs:

$0 - gym fees (paid up - $96 already paid)
$42 for AAU cards (required to play in tournaments)
$90 for tournament costs (one tournament in March for all 3 girls)

Total:  $132, so we are $32 short

Upcoming games to sell at:  2 next week, 2 the week after that.

Can we do it?  Can we pay for our kids to play the sport they love with little OOP cost?

Follow me as I post each Thursday a review of costs, and fundraising profit/strategies!!

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