Friday, March 12, 2010

Fusion razor deal - Rite Aid

Last night I dashed to Rite Aid (luckily, it's around the corner from my house) and did 3 transactions.  Here was my Fusion deal:

8 pack fusion cartridges $26.99
1 Fusion power razor $10.49
1 can Fusion shave gel $4.49

Total:  $41.97
-$5 off $25 coupon HERE
-$4.49 Rite Aid promotion - buy any Fusion cartridges, get shave gel free
-$10.49 Buy cartridges/get razor free (3/7 P & G coupon)
-$10 Rite Aid gift card (MIR, buy $30 P&G, get $10 gift card)

Total OOP (after gift card - pending) $11.99 + tax

If you are new to Rite Aid shopping, see Utah Deal Diva's post HERE.

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