Sunday, March 14, 2010

Random Thoughts Today

Today is Sunday, my last day to work this week.  I work 3 twelve hour shifts.  I'm tired......not just physically, I'm tired of uneducated parents.  Mostly, these are young parents that just don't have a clue how to care for their children when they are sick.  Bringing their kids in (I work in the ED) with temperatures over 104 and not having given them any Ibuprofen or Tylenol.  Miserable little kids that could easily be made more comfortable.  Parents that are giving their kids antibiotics but can't say why....."because they told me to."  Parents with babies with congested noses that don't know how to use a bulb suction.  The list goes on and on......

Here at home, the family cleaned up the house some today - love that!  I was worried when i came home this was a disaster!  It's quite frustrating to work my shifts and then be stuck with a filthy house.  They are now off to basketball practice.  I'm off to get ready for work......

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