Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Menu Plan Monday (a day late)

Well, here I am - a day late but full of menus!  I actually had them planned last night but couldn't post until now.....

Breakfasts (Dad is in charge of this meal so it has to be easy or stuff they fix themselves):
Cold cereal (Savemart deal)
English Muffins
Instant oatmeal
Freezer Waffles  **edit 4/28:  found Eggos to be over $2 at Winco!!!  Yikes....will have to make my own.....


Hot dogs
Mac and cheese (Easy Mac cups at Target 4/$2.79)
Sandwiches - peanut butter & jelly, lunchmeat & cheese
Cheese/crackers & fruit
Egg Salad

Dinners (not necessarily in this order):
  1.  Beef with gravy over noodles (from the freezer), salad
  2. Salad bar - toppings available:  kidney beans, frozen peas, veggies, eggs, cheese, meat,avocado and French bread   ** had this tonight - the kids loved it! got baguette's on sale for $0.99 at Savemart today!  Total cost for this meal:  just over $9
  3. Grilled Tilapia, wild rice, broccoli
  4. Beans & ham (slow cooker), grilled cheese sandwiches
  5. Lasagna & French bread
  6. Chicken curry & Rice
  7. Cilantro chicken with avocado salsa, homemade applesauce, baked beans, rolls
  8. Sandwich bar - toppings like Subway (my kids like to put their's under the broiler to melt the cheese), Tabbouleh, chips, fruit
  9. Grilled pork chops, Caesar salad, rolls
  10. Tostadas (meat, refried beans, cheese, lettuce, tomato, sour cream on tostada)
  11. Chicken Alfredo, veggie
  12. Baked enchilada casserole, coleslaw
  13. Homemade Pizza
  14. Slow-cooked pepper steak, rice, salad

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