Thursday, April 1, 2010

My Shopping this Week - 3/31

1st stop = Toys R Us

Crayola Sidewalk Chalk - $2.99, B1G1 @ 50% ($1.50)
Playmobil - $6.99 (for these little sets), B1G1 @ 50% off 
My Little Pony - the ponies,B1G1 free, also had a coupon for B1G1 - lots of discussion with the store and a lady in front of me regarding how to use this coupon when paired with their sale.  I ended up paying for 2 @ $5.49 each, and getting 4 FREE!  I was happy with that.......
My Little Pony - the bigger toys.....also B1G1 free.  Paid $19.99 for the pony with the battery operated remote controlled the $9.99 playset free.

Plans - a pony and a playmobil set in each of the little ones Easter baskets.  Sidewalk chalk for the family to play with (we all like it), and the big pony sets for The Baby's birthday in August or as a surprise present when we are at The Queen/The Athlete/The Underdog's basketball tournaments.

Next stop........The Grocery Outlet (doesn't accept coupons)

Pretzels - $1.89
Crunch 'n Munch - $0.99 a box
Crackers - $1.29 a box
Saltines - $0.99 a box
Keeblers Cinnamon Graham crackers - $1.29 a box
Oscar Mayer beef hot dogs - $0.99 each
Kraft twists cheese sticks - $2.49
Strawberries - 2 pounds @ 2/$3
Deli Swiss cheese - $2.39
Deli Provolone cheese - $2.39
Cucumbers - 2/$1
Easter treats - cheap

Total spent:  $38.40 ...and I got a $3 off coupon on my next purchase over $25

Next stop.....Super Target (in Tulare, CA)

First, my meat story........I noticed the meat guy walking around putting coupons on some of the meat.  I went browsing behind him, picked up a roast for a fair price.....then noticed that some of the pork chops (Hormel Always Tender) were supposed to be $1.90 a pound (signage).  I asked him about it, and he looked at the sign then agreed.  He took them back and re-priced them......and left the $3 off coupons he had put on them!!!  well.....I LOVE A MEAT DEAL!!!  I bought 6 packages for an average of just over $3 a package.  They have about 8 pork chops in them each.....even if we make 2 packages for dinner and have leftovers for lunch...still a good deal.   Our Target has nice meat too.

Ok..moving on....some highlights:

Air Wick Freshmatic Ultra I-motion - $6, used $5 off coupon (insert).  
Net:  $1 (Target also had a $1 off coupon on their site, but I couldn't get it to print, then it disappeared when I re-loaded the page)

2 Soft Scrub Total spray cleaner - $3.49 each, used 2 -$1.50 coupons and 2 -$1 target coupons. 
Net:  $1

Mr Clean magic eraser - $2.99 (4 pack), used $0.75 off coupon
Net:  $2.24 (needed these or else I would've waited for a sale)

Clever Kids fruit snacks (Kelloggs) - $1.88, used $1.50 coupon (from vocalpoint awhile back)
Net:  $0.30

Market Pantry frozen Tilapia - $6.99

Beef Lil'Smokies - $2.54, used $1 coupon
Net:  $1.54

Rotel canned tomatoes (with lime juice & cilantro) - $0.96 each, used $1 off 3 coupon
Net:  $1.92 for 3

Starkist lunch kit (albacore tuna,crackers) - $2.19, used B1G1 coupon (took off $2.19) - these are great for picky teenagers to eat as a snack before practice after school!
Net:  $1.10 each

5 lb box of Clementine Cuties - $3.99, used $1 Target coupon (mailed to me) + $1 Mfg coupon (insert)
Net:  $1.99

2 Green Giant frozen veggies $1 - used $0.50 coupon 
Net:  $0.50 each

Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers - $2.89, used $1 off coupon (mailer)
Net:  $1.89 (will take to work if it lasts that long)

2 Bryer's Yo Crunch yogurt - $0.59 each, used FREE item coupon (from vocalpoint)
Net:  FREE! 

5 Yoplait Fiber One yogurt packs - $2.19 each, used 4 $0.75 coupons + 1 $1 coupon
Net:  $1.19 to $1.44 each
(my youngest 3 love these, esp Kiwi Lime flavor)

2 Gilette Men's body wash - $3.99, used $2 off coupon (insert)
Net:  $1.99 each
Hubby is cuter when he smells good!

Ore-Ida potatoes - buy 2 @ 2/$5, get 1 free
Net:  $1.67 each
Can get the store brand cheaper, but we don't eat these often and I think the better brand does taste least to me.

Easter egg-dye kit (PAAS) - $0.99

7 ft striped beach towel - on sale for $7, used $2 off coupon from Target website
Net:  $5 
We have a pool and we are always in need of pool towels!  Hubby is a big guy, so the 7 ft works great for him!

Total spent:  $81.42
Next stop.....Walgreens

Transaction #1 - 2 Dove body wash @ 2/$12, used 2 $1.25 off coupons (printable)
Net:  $10.50 for 2, got a $4 Register Reward

Transaction #2 - 2 St.Ives body wash @ B1G1 for $3.29
2 Suavitel fabric softener @ $2.99 BIG1
Envelopes - $1.29
2 Hair clippies (fabric covered, never seen these before, except homemade) - $1.99 each
Ingrown nail cutter - $15.99, nothing thrifty about it, but needed.

**Note:  I don't think I necessarily did a good job at Walgreens.....but we needed the softener (my bounce dryer bar was a huge disappointment!), envelopes, & nail cutter.  Body wash is not a thrifty concept to begin with....but i have a lot of girls that like to smell good and we like it....

Applied the $4 RR from above, total spent:  $26.09 (tax was $2.55)

Last stop......Foods Co

2 English muffins - $1.18 (a baseline good deal)

Oscar Mayer cotto salami lunch meat - on sale 10/$10
Used 2 -$1 on 2 coupons (insert)
Net:  4 packages for $2 (in the freezer they go)

3 Stride Gum - $1.04
Used a buy 2, get 1 free coupon (insert)
Net:  $2.08 for 3

10 Celeste individual pizzas - $0.88 each
Net:  $8.80
These are good to have handy...snacks, a quick lunch, etc

Keebler cookies (Fudge shoppe) - 3/$5
Net:  $1.67 each

2 Always pads - $2.78 each
Used $1 coupons
Net:  $1.78 each

2 Kraft BBQ sauce - $0.78 each

2 FRESH pineapples @ $0.49/pound = $2.32 & $2.34

4 Cantaloupe @ $0.25/pound = about $0.80 each

Total spent:  $44.11

Total spent today on food/household items (doesn't include the beach towel or nail trimmer) = $184 ish - this is a bigger week for us, but we have a tournament next week in Oakhurst, CA so i'm trying to stock up a bit.....

Still have to hit Savemart tomorrow for a few deals and get Iron Kids bread & milk at Costco...

Of note, 1 package of the keebler cookies was eaten before the groceries were all inside the daddy, the Queen, and the Athlete.....all the while, the Queen was announcing that she does not eat Salami because it isn't healthy!  LOL!

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