Sunday, May 2, 2010

Shopping Again!

The reality of it all.......

I've decided that I will detail our food shopping, eating out, etc here on my blog for 1 month - keepin it real!  While it is true, i planned meals and purchased what was needed, there always seems to be incidentals and extra trips to the store.  How much is necessary, how much is convenience, and what are alternatives?  Stick with me as I try to figure it all out......

I last shopped on 4/27/10 - see that post HERE.

I went back to Winco on 4/30 and picked up:

2 packages of pull-ups @ $6.89 each = $13.78  (yes, my 4 year old diabetic is still in pull-ups)
1 package of diapers = $8.99 (yes, the 2 year old is still in diapers)
3 pounds of bananas @ $0.56/lb = 1.69  (they ate the ones I bought on 4/27)
2.5 pounds of grapes @ $1.68/lb = 4.15 (yikes!)  (again, they ate them all!)
2 packages of Stride gum @ $1.19 each = 2.38  (keeps me from snacking too much at work)
1 can of Libby's pumpkin $1.98  (Thought I'd make pumpkin muffins)
1 pound of Darigold butter = $2.08  (made a quadruple batch of chocolate chip muffins and used a whole pound of butter - just replacing it)
2 packages of Hy-top chocolate chips @ 1.86 each = 3.72  (had bought 3 packages on 4/27 - used 1 in magic cookie bars and 2 in chocolate chip muffins)
1 pound of strawberries = 1.98  (they ate the 2 pounds I bought previously)
Corn dogs = 2.98  (had forgotten these on the original list - Pony girl is a corn-dog-a-holic)
brown sugar = 1.32  (discovered we were almost out when I made muffins)
2.7 pounds whole wheat flour @ 0.41/lb (in bulk section) $1.12  (hoping to make pumpkin muffins)
Sweetened condensed milk 1.19  (kids want more magic cookie bars)
Irish creamer for my coffee - 2.89  (LOVE my 2 cups of coffee when I wake up)
Welch's strawberry jam - 2.89  (we were out)
Hy-top coconut - 1.85  (for the magic cookie bars)

Subtotal = $57.37
Tax - $2.05

TOTAL:  $59.42

$$ spent on 4/27 = $245 + $60 above + Cost of eating lunch out:  $34 (see below) - $339

We have a basketball tournament this weekend, 30 min from home.  This is how our day looked today (Saturday): 

0300 (a.m.) - went to bed
0715 - got up, had coffee, got little ones dressed, packed snacks & diaper bag
0815 - Daddy and the Underdog left for her softball playoff game
0830 - showered and dressed
0900 - left to watch the softball game
1030 - left the softball game, came home, picked up the Queen, her friend, and the Athlete, went to Hanford, CA for basketball tournament.
1230 - 1st basketball game (we won!!) cost:  $10 in entry fees!
1:00 - Daddy and the Underdog begin softball game #2
2:00 - went to lunch - bought the little ones $0.79 corn dogs at Wienerschnitzel and the rest of us ate at Quiznos -> cost:  $34 total!
3:00 - returned to tournament site, older girls went inside, little ones and I stayed in the car and watched a movie
4:00 - went inside
4:30 - Daddy and the Underdog arrive
5:00 - basketball game #2 (we won!!),  cost:  $3 (purchased water for the team)
7:00 - got home, began dinner ->  Homemade Pizza
7:40 - ate dinner, got little ones ready for bed, sat down and fell asleep (Dad watched the Dodger game)
10:00 - still trying to get the Baby to sleep (she fell asleep during basketball game #2)
Dad goes to bed and it's up to me to put her down.  He didn't tell me Natasha's blood sugar was 456!
10:30 - she's asleep, yay!
10:45 - I look at the messy kitchen and walk away.......
11-12:00 - facebooking and playing games on computer, hoping my back pain will go away
12 - 0200 - blogging
0200 - check Natasha's blood sugar = 479, uggg....have to stay up another hour and recheck her.
Have to be back up at 7 a.m. for 1st basketball game @ 9 a.m.

This might be too much info for some, just trying to keep it real again!  Life with kids in sports is busy and unanticipated expenses come up. 

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