Wednesday, June 16, 2010

How to get a FREE Shining Stars Friend (do have to pay shipping)

Go HERE to become a fan of International Star Registry on Facebook.  Then select the "Discussion" tab.  There you will find the promo code to receive a Shining Stars Friend for FREE.  You do still have to pay $4.99 for shipping.  I debated it, but did end up ordering one because I just think it's neat!  Will probably save it for Christmas.  Hoping Daddy will order for Monkey Girl.  All 3 of the older girls have their own FB, so we'll see if they can each get one.

If you don't know what Shining Star Friends are - when you receive your "friend" you get to name your very own star (yes, a real one, the bright lights in the sky at night!).  Very cool!

If you want to check out the Shining Stars site before you order - see it HERE.  I ordered the zebra for Dino Girl (some days she is a zebra).
Here is a drawing made by the Queen's BFF (a very talented girl!).  Her rendition of Dino Girl is on the left.

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