Saturday, June 19, 2010

Preschool today

Here's what we did this week:
Pushing golf tees into styrofoam and balancing marbles on top - LOVED this!

Here she is...all proud! She was really good at this....she has long, skinny fingers and a steady hand!

Coloring the blue coconut tree in her Chicka Chicka Boom Boom lapbook

I demonstrated marble painting to her but she wasn't interested....however, the 2 year old was so I did with her!
We read the chicka chicka book and played a little with the lapbook....she wasn't much into it though she liked the idea of "mama" letters and "baby" letters.

We played Candyland and she told me most of the colors....

We also played this squirrel & pinecone game - she liked this one but I had to help A LOT with the counting..

Putting the pine cones in her nest was good fine motor work:
We did a lot of ladybug work......all the printables below are from Confessions of a Homeschooler, "Letter L"
Ladybug size sorting....then we quizzed her on the colors.  She got them all except brown and green.

The ladybug craft activity.....

Ladybug shape puzzles

The letter "L" dot marker sheets (I found these Bingo markers at the dollar store!) - Notice the big sister, age 10, also doing one?).  Speaking of big sis, she ended the school year being quite weak in science - anyone know of anything (websites, curriculum, etc) that we could use over the summer to get her to grade level?  Of course, it didn't help that her 4th grade class had 34 kids in it!

Dinosaurs are still her true we threw a few of them in....(from Confessions of a Homeschooler, Letter "D")

Here she is coloring in a Dover stained glass coloring book - of dinosaurs of course!  Picked this up at Professor Toy.

She really liked the cookie games (bought this set at Professor Toy)

and this set from Lauri (bought at Professor Toy).  She did all the shape puzzles while I sat quietly.   It was fun hearing her talk to herself "now I need a star.....a circle, etc".  The shape pieces all have a hole in them so they can be strung as well (cords included) - she did that for a little while but then lost interest.

We also read a few books (not enough though), she played on the IPOD touch, and she did free play crafts, such as using foam stickers...

We did have a better week..I think i'm figuring her out a little more.  She's kind of a "reluctant learner" - almost like I have to sneak the education in......anyone else have one of these?

Oh...and here is my laminating assistant - The Queen - taking an interest...

and here's a good picture of the 3 oldest girls at the park...

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